[Seaside] Novice Seaside Question

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Sat Jan 15 15:35:57 CET 2005

Hey Rick,

Glad to see you're back to Squeak-ing...especially since you're one of 
the ones that convinced me to look at it seriously.  Anyway, I don't 
think that this kind of project is a good match for Seaside.  You could 
certainly use flash to implement the editor but the bulk of the 
student's work would be learning Flash.  Seaside would have little, if 
anything, to do with the project.   Maybe a go-between for picture 
persistence etc.

I've used Seaside as small parts of two courses now: programming 
languages and our "web applications development" (a variant of Special 
Topics).  In both cases I went with more traditional projects.  One was 
a PIM (calendar and address book?  maybe just calendar).  I can't recall 
the other project off the top of my head.  Depending on the skill level 
of your class you might consider some kind of content management 
system.  I'd think you could get a lot of the SE principles into 
designing such a system.  <shameless-plug>Also, take a look at 
SeasideTesting if you plan to do any XP.</shameless-plug>  Some other ideas:

    . simple blog
    . bookmark manager
    . aggregator (web pages, blogs etc)
    . mailling list manager
    . image repository/scrapbook maker
    . web e-mail client

I'm always looking for ideas so I don't have them develop yet another 
shopping cart :-)  I'm sure others have ideas as well.  You could always 
fall back on inventory management...which usually translates to a 
program for them to manage their collection of DVD's :-)  Anyway, in my 
experience if you put GOODS and Seaside together the sky's the limit.

Best wishes and keep in touch,

David Shaffer
Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA 16172
cdshaffer at acm.org

Rick Zaccone wrote:

>I am new to Seaside and I'm just getting back into Squeak after a
>couple of years off, so I apologize in advance if this is a dumb
>I will be teaching a software engineering course using Squeak this
>semester.  This is a project based course and I would like to have the
>students use Seaside.
>I have an idea for a project in which the students would write a
>program that would allow someone to manipulate graphical objects such
>as triangles and circles.  (This won't be yet another graphical
>editor!) I would like the user of this application to be able to drag
>widgets from a palette (flap?), arrange them on the screen, change the
>color and/or border color of individual elements, and make selected
>objects blink.  This would be a good start anyway.
>My original idea was to do this using Morphic, but it seems to
>complicated to master in a single semester.  Seaside seems clean and
>simple, but I can't tell if it capable of this.
>Is this possible within Seaside?  Would I need to use Flash also and
>is this feasible?  I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.
>Rick Zaccone
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