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Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Wed Jan 19 11:33:30 CET 2005

Thanks Leo.

Remember that the correct spell of Seaside is only with the first "S" in 
upper (AFAIK) :)



"Leo De Marco" <leo at smalltalking.net> escribió en el mensaje 
news:20050118022210.4CF8C2340AF at ar28.toservers.com...
> Congratulations German!
> I really like the idea of Promoter and (of course) using Seaside for it.
> I have an small app using SeaSide, GOODS, Comanche and a framework of 
> graphs (PlotMorph) that I used for a Practice exam at the university. I 
> have no hosting the app because it was only for the project, so, if 
> someone want de code, I can posted to you.
> I can't remember If Stephan Ducasse talk about opening a page for 
> testimonials, if this is true I can posted to this page....
> Regards,
> Leo De Marco
> ======= At 2005-01-15, 09:42:15 you wrote: =======
>>Well, my first complete Seaside project is Promoter
>>Promoter is a simple search engines adder actually in the last stages of
>>development. The main functions work all ok, but yet I must implement some
>>My main goal developing Promoter was to make the essay of develop a user
>>application to commercialize by the shareware system (or similar) making 
>>the steps to bring a Squeak app to the final users. That means, a worthily
>>method to upgrade de software by internet, a easy way (for registered 
>>to upgrade the search engines supported, an automated (for the developer, 
>>course) method to shrink the image, a proof of concept of use a desktop 
>>with a browser ui (I've noticed a few days ago that Google also use this
>>sort of app in http://desktop.google.com/ ) and, in sum, all the details
>>inherents to sell a sort of packaged app to final users in Squeak.
>>By the nature of Squeak,  the purchaser will have the source code, then I
>>will be calm with my working morale, but at the same time I will try to 
>>some money, because I need to pay the bills (If I sell an acceptable 
>>I plan to make some donations to Seaside authors and the anothers authors 
>>packages I use that are requesting donations).
>>Finally, I must yet to define a lot of details, by example the scope of
>>shareware version (may be not the last version, and not upgrades) and 
>>It's all for now, don't doubt in ask me for any question.
>>"German Arduino" <gsa at softhome.net> escribió en el mensaje
>>news:crmh0q$4ho$1 at sea.gmane.org...
>>> when I will be back (16/01) I will be glad of write about my work with
>>> Seaside.
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> Leo De Marco
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> 2005-01-17


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