[Seaside] trying to upgrade seaside and see this:

Yar Hwee Boon hboon at motionobj.com
Sun Jan 23 19:31:57 CET 2005

On 23-Jan-05, at PM 06:33, Dmitry Dorofeev wrote:

> You are about to load new versions of the following packages that have 
> unsaved changes in the image.  If you continue, you will lose these 
> changes.
>   Seaside2
> Select Proceed to continue, or close this window to cancel the 
> operation.

This means that you have somehow change the methods that come with the 
package, eg. overriden some with your own package, modified by 
adding/removing self halts, etc. You can view the changes in Monticello 
to confirm. If you are sure, you can just proceed.

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