[Seaside] SeasideTesting for VW is ready

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Sun Jan 23 19:48:19 CET 2005

Lukas Renggli wrote:

>Wow, these are great news. Thanks a lot!
>I will certainly use the framework for the tutorial I am currently
>preparing. This basically means that it will be much easier to review
>the exercises, e.g. the students just run the tests I have written ;-)
>What I found out is that testing a WATask component doesn't work.
>Maybe this is because of the redirect the implementation of WATask is
>doing? Though I don't know if this is just a VisualWorks issue.
Either that or a problem with the current release.  I have more than 30 
test cases testing various WATask subclasses and the all run just fine.  
I'm due to release a new SeasideTesting very soon so maybe that will fix 
whatever problems you're having.  My development version will be moved 
to SqueakSource today but that won't do you much good in VisualWorks.

>>During testing, HTTP requests are submitted through HTTP, therefore they
>>come through the WebToolkit (i.e. testing Seaside also tests WebToolkit).
>>I believe that this should also work with Swazoo, but I did not make any
>>test yet. At the moment the target for the HTTP requests is hard-coded
>>and is for localhost on port 8008. This will need some rework.
>I wonder why SeasideTesting doesn't directly create an instance of
>WARequest and pass it to "WADispatcher default handleRequest:
>aRequest"? Going even deeper into the framework would allow to avoid
>having to parse the XHTML and to directly manipulate and test a
>document tree.

My earliest versions directly dispatched in this manner although they 
still parsed the XHTML text (since either I wasn't aware of 
WAHtmlTreeDocument or it didn't exist in that version of Seaside).  I 
had to back up one level in the server due to threading problems when 
handling errors.  I didn't keep careful notes so I don't remember the 
details.  It is definitely worth a second look b/c, as you say, I could 
just use a WAHtmlTreeDocument as the document for the renderer and avoid 
having to parse XML at all.  I will certainly put rethinking this onto 
my list for future consideration.



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