[Seaside] Are there any form input components that do javascript

Mike me at mikehogan.net
Wed Jan 26 19:51:56 CET 2005

On Wed Jan 26 05:25:35 PST 2005, Avi Bryant <avi.bryant at gmail.com> 
>>  If not, could somebody please offer a few lines of guidance on 
>> how
>> best to do this the seaside way?
> Do you want to do it onblur() (as soon as the user moves away 
> from the
> field) or when the form is submitted?  How do you want it to 
> respond?
> (With a javascript alert, or ?)  I would do it in somewhat 
> different
> ways depending on the answer to that.

Great, I get a chance to be the customer :-)  Here is what i think 
should be supported, based on what I have seen done on other 
sites, and on what I want to do with my own.  I am happy and 
willing to try to implement some of this, once I am guided where 
best to place it.

 * It should be possible to group all the validation errors from 
all the offending fields in one place in the page - at the top 
 * Altervatively, if should be possible to place the validation 
errors beside the offending form fields
 * It should be possible to highlight the offending fields in red, 
lets say.
 * The validation errors should be shown as content of the page, 
not as javascript alert popups.
 * I can't decide between onblur() and on submit (typical customer 
:-)).  One of the best web UIs I ever saw had a fat status bar on 
the page, coloured in red, informing the user what he had to do to 
the form to make the status bar green, indicating the form was 
submittable.  Initially the red status bar says "Enter a 
username", when you enter one and tab to the next field, it says 
"enter date of purchase", when you tab out of that, and the date 
is invalid, the red status bar says "invalid date".  Etc etc.  
Eventually the bar turns green, and the submit button on the form 
is enabled and bobs your uncle as they say.

Is that all too ambitious for now?  I do think seaside should 
support this kind of interface eventually, but I have no idea how 
to road map it.  But just to get started on something for my 
current web app, I would be happy with something like:

html textInputWithValue: [] callback: [] constraints: #(date 

which would do client side validation when the submit button is 
pressed, and shows all error messages in one span or div some 
place on the page.

Not too demanding, am I!

How should I best proceed?

Thanks very much,

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