[Seaside] Naming URLs - three questions

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Wed Jan 26 22:45:40 CET 2005

Q1. The new Seaside web site at: 
http://www.seaside.st/Documentation/NamingURLs/ states that in a WAMain 
subclass on should use:

	(WARenderLoop new root: aComponent) start: aRequest

However in VW Seaside version 2.5b5.9.0,mbany from the Cincom 
repository it needs to be

	(WARenderLoop new root: aComponent) run

Is this difference just a lag between the VW version and the Squeak 
version of Seaside?

Q2. The point of creating the subclass of WAMain seems to be to allow a 
way pass request information to a session, allowing for bookmarkable 
pages. So one might be able to have a url like 
http://universe.com/seasideApp?product='spaceship' work with a seaside 
app. Now I have to create new class, a subclass of WAMain, and usually 
add just one method start: and modify the application settings. This 
start: method just creates a new component and passes it information. 
Why not just add a hook method to WAComponent that is called when 
WAMain creates the component? It would make it easier on the 
application developer.

Q3. If wanted to provide some more documentation to the new seaside web 
site who should I contact?

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