[Seaside] Rolling with Ruby on Rails vs. Seaside

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Fri Jan 28 13:46:32 CET 2005

Avi Bryant wrote:
> What, in your opinion, is the basic Rails-like scaffolding that would
> be needed to give the same feeling of rapid-start development on
> Seaside?  Based on what little I know of Rails, it seems like the main
> two things it provides here are:
> - A basic ItemList component that takes a collection of objects of the
> same type and shows them in a table with Edit and Delete links, and an
> Add link
> - A basic ItemEditor component that gets used for the Add and Edit
> links above, and shows a form automatically built up from metadata
> about the properties of the object

Yes. It's like you describe IMO. Basically like this:


It's not complete yet... but works fine for basic tables.

> Having written that out, it sounds almost exactly like what Mewa does
> already - so what are the key differences?  Is it just that the
> metadata is derived from looking at the database rather than specified
> in code?  Or is there some additional simplification needed?

In the case of Og, you can specify additional meta-data for the columns:

   class Recipe
     prop :name, String

     # the scaffolder will use a textarea to display the column
     prop :description, String, :ui => :textarea




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