[Seaside] newbee

Sven Riemann riemannsven at web.de
Mon Jul 4 02:56:14 CEST 2005

Hello all,

I am new to seaside, and I am not sure if my questions are already
asked or not, but I just want to give them a try, Thank you in

I am looking for a web solution able to satisfy at least 20.000
concurrent user. SQL Server are highly envolved (postgresql cluster).

Is seaside at the moment a good choice ?
If its so, can it be on squeak or should it be VW hosted.
There is no GNU Smalltalk (Ver. 2.x JIT) support,
yet, right?

Can seaside compete against php, zope, or JBOSS in high performance
web sites?

Best regards,

Sven Riemann

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