[Seaside] [Bug][Fix] WADateSelector

Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 8 02:56:51 CEST 2005

Le 2005/07/07, Thomas Koschate <koschate at gmail.com> écrivait :

>Ramon Leon wrote:
>>True that, but refactoring is getting something done, and there's no
>>time like the present to make the code express its intent clearer,
>>besides... it feels good!
>I know - it's highly addictive, and I've been known to ride roughshod
>over peoples' code, but let's introduce one change at a time.
>the test for this change, anyway?  Raymond, where are you?  You
>us on this expedition!  ;{)

OHH...are you sure.....I thought I was just fixing a bug... :) 

OK if you don't expect it tomorow..il will make a test....and you will
correct it as I wrote merely a dozen of tests only in my life and as
nobody saw them, I don't know if they were goods one.

Something like:

 month isBetween: 1 and: 12

as it was the problem I found..


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