[Seaside] Issue with #checkForCookies

German Viscuso netquake at speedy.com.ar
Thu Jul 21 03:59:26 CEST 2005

Hello list.

When I try to use #checkForCookies in a seaside component I obtain the
message in the Transcript:

"Warning: You have tried to set a cookie and a redirect in the same page,
to the request /seaside/go/myapp. Some browsers will not handle this

Has this issue been already reported or solved? (I'm using VW 7.3 nc and the
web toolkit)

My test code is:
renderContentOn: html

self session checkForCookies
 ifTrue: [
  self inform: 'Cookies enabled!'.
  self answer: 'ok']
 ifFalse: [
  self inform: 'You must have cookies enabled to proceed.'.
  self answer: nil ]

Regards and thanks in advance,


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