[Seaside] Accessing configuration values from the configuration

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Thu Jul 21 20:38:29 CEST 2005

William E Harford wrote:
> If there any way to access a site's user inputted configuration values 
> from a subclass of WASystemConfiguration ?
> What I am trying to do is present the site administrator with a series 
> of questions in the config biased on  answers that were given in the 
> config.
> For example
> In this application there might be 3 components. The administrator would 
> put the number 3 for a config value than save the config.
> The config might than ask for the 3 component classes and there names.
> I have only been able to retrieve the default values for a 
> SystemConfiguration using.
> self localConfiguration valueAt: #numberOfContainers.
> I have to admit even though I have read a couple notes on seasides 
> config component I still don't fully understand how it works.

Hmm... I would definitely expect that code to return the user's value if 
there is one, otherwise it would return the default.  I just tried it 
quickly in a 2.5a image I had lying around and it certainly seemed to 
work as expected.  Am I understanding you correctly that you're always 
getting back the default value even if the user has put in a value? 
Perhaps you could provide a bit more of the code for context...


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