[Seaside] [ENH] Several extensions

Tibben, Andre andre.tibben at eds.com
Wed Jun 1 14:14:48 CEST 2005


Sorry for the delay. The prefix is added in this fileout. I also fixed a
bug with IE and added a few more utility methods on the renderer.

The bar graph is not cleanly seperated from the domain, so posting a
working version is not possible.


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On 5/19/05, Tibben, Andre <andre.tibben at eds.com> wrote:
> This fileout contains some extensions I made for Seaside.

Thanks, these look like great additions.  The one thing that I'd like
changed before I integrate them, for us namespace-less Squeakers, is
to add the WA prefix to the new classes you introduce.

Next are you goint to post that CSS bar graph I saw in your demo? ;)

Tot ziens,
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