[Seaside] Proposed Seaside Application

Bob Houston bobh at agents.com
Thu Jun 2 19:02:36 CEST 2005

Below is a link that describes a system called DOORS, which is a  
commercial product used by large software engineering companies, to  
manage their system and software requirements.


Do you know if there is a similar product that is available in the  
open-source community?  If not, this might be an interesting  
application to implement using Seaside.  In addition to the features  
described at the above link, DOORS is also used as a collaboration  
tool for a distributed team of colleagues to jointly author documents  
and technical papers.

With the great UI framework provided by Seaside, this may be the  
"killer web app" that could showcase Seaside to a broader audience.

Please let me know if a similar open source project exists, or if you  
would be interested in contributing to a Seaside implementation of  
this functionality.


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