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>> I hope that by tomorrow, Michel Bany from VW, will have time 
>> to have a look at this.
>Hi Günther,
>There has been lots of contributions on this topic and I am trying
>to build a summary below.
>(1) As noted by Rado and others there is a bug in the Squeak compatibility
>method allSubInstances method. It should be changed to :
>	Object class >> allSubInstances
>		^self allGeneralInstances
>I will integrate this change in the port.
>(2) It looks to me as if the above bug only affects the situations where
>it is desired to release intentionnally and instantly as many objects as
>possible, where you want to do "WARegistry clearAllHandlers", i.e. the panic
>situation. This bug does not affect the normal Seaside operations.

I use seaside exclusively in VWNC 7.3.

I usually run:
MyApplication initialize.
WASession allInstances do: [ : item | item expire].

To try and expire the 15-20 sessions that are hanging around after time spent developing.
Sometimes this works fine, other times it fails. Which makes me wonder if there isnt something else under the hood that needs to be looked into.

I'll try the fixes posed in this thread tonite and see what results I get.

Im in favor of trying to expire sessions everytime a new session is created unless we can see the checking process is expensive.

meanwhile keep up the good work in porting to VW.

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