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Adrian Sampaleanu adrian.s at sympatico.ca
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> On 6/10/05, Jon Paynter <kittle at mail.yans.net> wrote:
> > Look at the download history for the past 12 months.... zero
> > 
> > Nobody in the java community seems interested in this.  
> Wilkes has a good point as well.
> Yes; the only thing in the Java world that has any kind of 
> mainstream support and a similar basic philosophy to Seaside 
> is Tapestry, but it suffers from both the Java environment 
> and even more from the Java attitude to things like 
> configuration: I get the impression that using it involves as 
> much time modifying XML files as writing code...

Actually, the two frameworks I mentioned, Echo (from NextApp) and WebOnSwing
are quite different than others. We use Echo at work for quite a
sophisticated application and can liken it to programming a Swing
application (define windows, panels, components, layouts and specify event
handlers for various interactions. Component re-use is quite high and you
don't need to concern yourself with HTML - the server-side components emit
the correct markup. The UI abstractions both of these frameworks employ are
much higher than others (Tapestry, JSP/JSF + Struts, etc). If one must
program in Java, I would strongly recommend one of these over the

Here are some demos of the current version (the one we use)
http://www.nextapp.com/products/echo/demo/ and the next generation v2 alpha
(uses the AJAX buzzword)

BTW, Echo is open source - NextApp sells a suite of commercial components
for it (EchoPoint is the open source component set) as well as a GUI
builder, EchoStudio.


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