[Seaside] (off-topic) Cron-like scripts in Squeak (was re: Content-Type)

Ben Schroeder bschroeder at procro.com
Tue Mar 8 16:08:03 CET 2005

Hi Daniel,

> Also, on another note, more Squeak rather than Seaside 
> related, since Squeak is its own VM in its own world, can I 
> execute cron-like scripts within Squeak? What I'm trying to 
> do is build some sort of a business application dashboard and 
> I'd like for the system to re-compute the statistics every, 
> say, 5 minutes. Sorry for posting this question here.

John Pierce's Scheduler package, available on SqueakMap, might
work well for you. We use it here to run some recurring tasks,
such as rolling up some GOODS data to SQL tables.

Ben Schroeder

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