[Seaside] new release on SM

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 15:41:50 CET 2005

I've put Seaside 2.5b8 up on SqueakMap.  It includes:

- Some critical fixes (from an offlist discussion with David Shaffer)
to #unregisterExpiredHandlers
- Several fixes, mostly to aid in porting to VisualWorks and giving
demos, from Michel Bany
- The #fixTemps fix to #textInputWithValue:callback: that Yar Hwee
Boon just pointed out
- a fix to DateSelector from David
- a fix to the Terminate link that makes it work properly with LiveWeb
- better handling of encoding MultiStrings in 3.8
- #formWithDefaultAction:do: whch lets you provide a block to be
evaluated when the user hits enter in a text field (rather than
whatever the first submit button in the form happens to be)

I'm sorry for the delay on this; I've been caught up with other stuff
and the patches were building up.  If someone who's good at this kind
of thing (one person, I don't want this to be like harvesting on
squeak-dev ;) is up for helping with the details of getting releases
out - tracking open bugs and unreviewed patches (ie, filling them into
a bug tracker somewhere?), making release notes, updating the
preconfigured image on seaside.st, etc - that might be good to try.


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