[Seaside] About an important meta remark

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Mar 18 09:36:39 CET 2005

Last week we showed to a friend of mine working for MS and his boss 
seaside. They were quite impressed but
they did an excellent remark and I think that all the seasiders should 
think about it.

Here is a kind of log of their questions
	- Seaside is cool to define new widgets new interaction model....
	- How many predefined widgets do you have?
	- Are the predefined widgets powerful/easy to us/cover most of the 
user needs?

So they are aware that their tehcnology is a bit less cool than seaside 
but they will compensate
just because they offer more and better done widgets. And this made me 
really think.

So my intuition is that it would be realllllly coooooooooool to have a 
repository of documented (with one example)
widgets and share them. Now we have the tools 
MC/Squeaksource/Seaside....so think about it.


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