[Seaside] No walkback when error in form callback when form issubmitted by another a batched list

Jon Paynter kittle at mail.yans.net
Mon Mar 21 18:59:55 CET 2005

Any feedback/fixes/alternate ways of doing things would be great as I run into this problem on a regular basis.

not so much with 'self halt' being ignored.. but with legit walkbacks not being handled.  What I see is instead a walkback: "#status notUnderStood".  I used the batched list in my app, but not on every screen.

help would be great,

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From: Yar Hwee Boon <hboon at motionobj.com>
Reply-To: "The Squeak Enterprise Aubergines Server - general discussion."
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 16:16:01 +0800

>File in the code below and then go to the application /xx. Click on any 
>of the buttons and it should hit a self halt. Click proceed and then a 
>walkback should be shown. Now go back to /xx again and click on "2" or 
>">". This time the walkback will not show after the halt. Does anyone 
>know why?
>The WABatchList subclass is modified to do a form submit when a link is 
>clicked. Thanks.

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