[Seaside] Problem starting Seaside

Daniel Salama dsalama at user.net
Fri Mar 25 17:02:20 CET 2005


I'm having some problems starting Seaside in my VM. I'm on OSX running 
3.7.5Beta1. I've been running this version for some time and all of the 
sudden I cannot run Seaside anymore.

I decided to download a fresh copy of Squeak for OSX and installed 
Seaside using the package manager. However, when I "do" WAKom startOn: 
9090 in a workspace, I get the following exception:

WAKom class(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #unregister
WAKom class>>pause
WAKom class>>stop
WAKom class>>startOn:

I don't know what has changed. This is a fresh Squeak VM copy with only 
Seaside loaded. Everything else is standard.

Please help.


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