[Seaside] WABasicAuthentication

Daniel Salama dsalama at user.net
Fri Mar 25 18:06:29 CET 2005

I've been playing with WABasicAuthentication a bit. I've added it to my 
component as a decoration and it works just find. So, now, whenever 
anyone tries to access the component, they are required to be logged 

Now, what I'd like to be able to do is, instead of using the standard 
WABasicAuthentication that opens up a browser login window, I'd like to 
be able to redirect the user to a login form. WABasicAuthentication 
sends information in clear text to the server and my login form is 
running with SSL. Is it possible to add something as simple as a 
decoration that would redirect the user to the login form and upon 
successful login, send the user back to where they originally wanted to 


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