[Seaside] Seaside Performance

Daniel Salama dsalama at user.net
Sat Mar 26 06:44:03 CET 2005


I was testing some file I/O reading when I noticed something peculiar.  
I posted the following on the Squeak mailing list  
090187.html). Because of this finding, I am wondering how well will a  
Squeak box perform in a production environment.

I'm working on duplicating a CRM application I developed using Ruby On  
Rails with MySQL. This application currently runs on a single server  
with dual 650Mhz CPUs and 2GB of RAM. Currently, my client has over 1  
million customer records and each record has at least one order in the  
system. They handle approximately 10000 application "transactions" per  
day (a transaction could be something as simple as looking up a  
customer profile, to something more complex such as placing and order,  
while interfacing with USPS using SOAP and the corresponding financial  
institutions using XML to verify payment information) with  
approximately 50 concurrent users.

My idea was to replicate that same environment with  
Squeak/Seaside/GOODS and, if everything worked well, eventually migrate  
to that environment. After seeing what I saw today regarding the post I  
mentioned above, I'm concerned this environment may not necessarily  
scale as needed for this application. Would anyone care to comment? Are  
there ways of clustering Squeak/Seaside? I don't necessarily think  
GOODS will be a bottleneck, unless accessing GOODS will create some  
sort of I/O bottleneck.


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