[Seaside] Re: API Documentation

Marco Qualizza mlq at codedaemon.com
Wed Mar 30 04:41:04 CEST 2005

C. David Shaffer wrote:
> Marco,
> In addition to the docs on seaside.st you can generate "API docs" using 
> Dandelion.  I generated them for 2.5b6:
> http://www.cdshaffer.com/david/Seaside/dandelionOutput
> however I never use them.  I find "browse", "senders" and "implementors" 
> are the best way to figure things out in Smalltalk.

Although that's a great way to discover the system (and one I use myself 
endlessly), it really doesn't tell you what the ideas were behind the 
design, intended usages, etc.  (which is what I'm looking for :-) )

>  Here's a quick run 
> through just in case you're new to Smalltalk (and please pardon me if 
> you are not).  As an example, say you want to understand the class 
> WABatchedList.  Just type it in your method (or a workspace), select it 
> and press alt-b (browse).  You'll be staring at a class browser on that 
> class.  Take a look at the class comment which should be visible in the 
> bottom most pane.  If you want to look for someone who uses the class, 
> right click on the class name (in the browser) and select "references" 
> (or just press alt-N).  Now you have examples of code that use this 
> class.  If you want to find out how to use a specific method, select the 
> method in the class browser, right click and pick "senders" (or just 
> press alt-n).  Most of the classes in the Smalltalk image are documented 
> by example.  Generally if I can't find an example in the "full" image 
> then I'm somewhat confident that the class doesn't work or has become 
> obsolete :-)

Not new to Smalltalk, but I appreciate the effort you went to to explain 
it.  Thank you.  :-)

> HTH,
> David

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