[Seaside] [shore componets] Bug in date picker

Pavel Krivanek squeak3 at continentalbrno.cz
Tue Nov 1 08:30:53 CET 2005

>     I found a bug in date picker. I've used it today (10.31.2005) in a 
> productive application, and when clicking in the arrow to go to the 
> previous month, it throws a walkback. It is trying to instantiate the 
> previous month, september, wich don't have 31 days in the same day as 
> today in october.
>     Any help or worarround to fix this would be appreciated.

There's new fixed version.

I have added a simple demonstration mechanism that shows how to use 
static urls with standard Seaside functionality without Bicephale 
project. That reorganizes demo mappings but I hope that merging of the 
new version will not cause problems.

-- Pavel

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