[Seaside] Re: Request for Merging

Esteban A. Maringolo eMaringolo at smalltalking.net
Tue Nov 1 13:08:06 CET 2005


Avi Bryant escribió:

>>>> Well, I'm unlikely to release any new versions of SeasideAsync  myself
>>>> - my focus has moved to the Scriptaculous package.  So I suggest you
>> And I published SeasideAsync-mb.3.
>> This gives life to checkboxes, handles <script> from live  callbacks, 
>> handles nested live callbacks
>> and provides support for updating an arbitrary number of areas of  the 
>> html document.

> Excellent - thanks, Michel, I'm glad to see that package moving forward.

I'm doing a Dolphin Port of Seaside, to work over Swazoo. Primarily 
targeted for D5Pro, but if the closures and continuation stuff gets 
messy, I'll build for Dolphin X6 only.

The first bulk file in, was done from a bulk fileout from the image 
available on the Seaside.st website.

Because the Dolphin version is slightly modified (I comment every 
method I modify), and I reimplement methods to use "the dolphin way" 
(and correct some dialect differences), I don't want to file in 
everything again, because I would lose all my modifications.

So my question is... there exist a changelog?,
One that shows which modifications has been made in each version, in 
order to track it and port them selectively?

That way one could know what is in each version. The ideal scenario 
would be to have no branches, but it's inevitable, considering that 
now exists 2 implementations, and if I can do it, a third one will 
exist (for christmas maybe).

Best regards,


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