[Seaside] Re: Request for Merging

Esteban A. Maringolo eMaringolo at smalltalking.net
Tue Nov 1 18:09:44 CET 2005

Hi Lukas,

Lukas Renggli escribió:
>>Because the Dolphin version is slightly modified (I comment every
>>method I modify), and I reimplement methods to use "the dolphin way"
>>(and correct some dialect differences), I don't want to file in
>>everything again, because I would lose all my modifications.

> You should talk to Michel! 

Which Michel? Bany? Isn't he in this list?

 > I would be interested into the details too,
> to eventually port Magritte and SmallWiki 2 later on.
 > I know that he is using a special package exporter
 > in Squeak and method overrides in VisualWorks ...

Well, I could write a package exporter in Squeak. I don't have 
overrides in Dolphin, and I don't think I'll need them...

Looking at an old port done by Steve Waring (seaside 0.97), he 
explains a small technique which I could use to import the squeak 
changesets without replacing methods that I want to preserve.

The current status of the port is "just started", with 3 days of 
spare time work. I'm learning about Swazoo and Seaside in the 
process, and enjoying with both.

By now it's converting all the Swazoo Requests to WARequest's and 
get them back (most of them with status 500). Now I'm trying to port 
the HTTPConnection and HTTPMessageExchange implementation done by 
Steve Waring for 0.97, which allows the debugging of errors before 
they're handled by Swazoo and a few more things.

However my first goal is to make work the version from which I 
started. Then I'll refactor it. And once it's done, see how to 
maintain the port. Having the actual version for Dolphin is _a lot_ 
better, than having nothing.

>>So my question is... there exist a changelog?,
>>One that shows which modifications has been made in each version, in
>>order to track it and port them selectively?
> Yeah, you can do that with Monticello, but I wouldn't try to do it.
> This involves a lot of manual merging in Dolphin.

I was thinking in a "human" changelog, something like the one that 
comes with many programs. (ala Changelog.txt).

As I've said before, at first I want it working, by now I don't care 
a lot of having it in sync with 1 week of delay as much, as is the 
VW version.

And I don't want to have everything automated, at least until I know 
what should be automated, and what shouldn't. It is a porting 
process, and a learning process.

Of course I'm not so suicide to want everything done by hand. :-)

>>That way one could know what is in each version. The ideal scenario
>>would be to have no branches, but it's inevitable, considering that
>>now exists 2 implementations, and if I can do it, a third one will
>>exist (for christmas maybe).

> There is just 1 implementation luckily. No need for branching.

Well, in Squeak there is one (which one is today?).

But VW count's as another, with two available plugs: WebToolkit and 

Squeak version uses some dialect differences (to other smalltalks, 
of course), being one of the most notable #ifNil:ifNotNil:, and uses 
specific implementations of some methods which I will decide If 
they're worth porting to Dolphin or rewrite them with the available 
in Dolphin.

In the future Seaside may be completely implemented as a 
multidialect framework, considering all that nuances, which goes a 
little beyond that SeasidePlatformSupport. But of course, I'm just 
starting the port, so that is far far ahead.

Best regards,


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