[Seaside] Nested form tags

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Thu Nov 3 23:05:59 CET 2005

> I believe I found the bug that causes the weird effects that 
> have been observed when nesting forms.

I would think the bug would be nesting forms in the first place, I
believe that's invalid html, form tags should not be nested. 

> When there are nested <form> in the html and when a submit 
> button is pressed, the resulting http request contains the 
> "_s" and the "_k" hidden fields many times (once for each form).
> As a result the http fields in the request are holding 
> collection of strings rather than just strings (the field 
> dictionary object is too smart !) In such situations, Seaside 
> is not able to retrieve the session and shows the expiration screen.
> I found that the consequences of the bug can be in corrected 
> WAKom>>convertRequest:
> where the request fields can be computed differently. The 
> implementation in the attachment eliminates the false expiration.
> This does not occur in VisualWorks where the computation of 
> the request fields are always and consistently available as 
> collections or strings.
> The attached change set  includes both the fix and a test 
> component with nested <form>
> Enjoy,
> Michel.

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