[Seaside] Nested form tags

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 4 07:26:42 CET 2005

Ramon Leon a écrit :

>>I believe I found the bug that causes the weird effects that 
>>have been observed when nesting forms.
>I would think the bug would be nesting forms in the first place, I
>believe that's invalid html, form tags should not be nested. 
Yes, but if you happen to accidentally nest forms, the current result is 
an expired session.
This does not help much in identifying that forms were nested. On the 
other hand, the fact
that Seaside expires sessions when the http request contains multiple 
values for the same
form field name, is a real bug.

My opinion is that the bug is in Comanche where method 
answers sometimes an ordinary Dictionary and sometimes an 
HttpFormDictionary object. These
two objects do not have the exact same behavior (at least as far as 
Seaside is concerned),
the former has String values, the later has Collection values. The fix I 
am suggesting eliminates
the effect of the Comanche bug and changes Seaside so that it copes with 
this difference in behavior,
substituting Collection values with the first String of the collection :

	fields := aKomRequest method = 'POST'
			ifTrue: [aKomRequest postFields]
			ifFalse: [aKomRequest getFields].
	waFields := Dictionary new.				
	fields keysAndValuesDo: [:k :v | v isString
			ifFalse: [waFields at: k put: v first]
			ifTrue: [waFields at: k put: v]].

VisualWorks does not have this bug. The http form fields are 
consistently made of Collection

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