[Seaside] Render loop... not looping

Esteban A. Maringolo eMaringolo at smalltalking.net
Tue Nov 8 17:53:43 CET 2005


Continuing with the Seaside Port for Dolphin Smalltalk i'm facing 
some some problems and some curiosities about the Seaside design.

By now I have to main problems:

1. Reported in another thread, with the 
WAProcess>>critical:ifError:, which by now (only to develop) has a 
workaround removing the critical: and the semaphore (so the method 
is much more like a no op), evaluating the method directly ans 
answering the value of the method.

2. Testing some callbacks, in the counter application the 
WAActionCallback's got triggered (sent), but it never updates the 
render. It is, if I debug the WACounter>>increase method, the count 
instance variable is ok, incrementing each time I click the '++' 
link (so executing the callback), but the page remains as in the 
first render. If I refresh (reload) the page, a new session is 
created (because the URL in the browser has no params), so it 
renders again (the first time), showing 0 as count, and everything 
starts again.

The curiosity I have is why WACurrentSession is an Exception! It 
seems to be pretty useful, considering the flow of continuations, 
but I would like to hear (read) the explanation from the author.

Best regards.


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