[Seaside] 2.5 sushi store shopping cart & back button

Cees De Groot cdegroot at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 10:22:49 CET 2005

On 11/15/05, Nevin Pratt <nevin at bountifulbaby.com> wrote:
> I've been hesitant to do so.  I don't like cookies when I visit other
> websites, and I know a lot of other folks that detest them, too.
Well, I dislike cookies used by advertising sites for tracking my
surfing behavior as much as the next guy, but the case you are
describing is *the* use case for cookies. You want to persist
information based on - roughly - a user, there are little security
considerations about the next guy in an internet cafe seeing your
half-filled shopping cart and it's an add-on function in that if
someone disables cookies, the site still works.

You can break your head over this, or simply use cookies... ;)

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