[Seaside] headless squeak problem

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 04:46:08 CET 2005

On Nov 16, 2005, at 8:29 AM, Dmitry Dorofeev wrote:

> Hello all
> I've created a nice image with my Seaside project and RFB.
> On remote host after start i see seaside app, but not RFB.
> It does not listen to RFB port at all.
> So i added liveWeb and REPLServer, uploaded to remote server and  
> managed to
> create gif images of the World with:
> GIFReadWriter putForm: Display onFileNamed: 'screenshot.GIF'

Seaside actually has an app that does this as an imagemap that you  
can click on, and passes the mouse events through - just add  
WAScreenshot from /config.  It makes a great "poor man's VNC".

> And I sow a message, that Squeak can not find sources file named / 
> blah/blah/
> That is VERY strange, as the SqueakV3.sources sits there under name  
> shown
> in the message. With liveWeb i can even see the sources file and  
> read it!

Hm... don't suppose it's anything to do with permissions?  I admit it  
doesn't seem likely if you can read it some other way from Squeak.
You could also uncheck the preference about warning when there's no  
sources file.


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