[Seaside][VW] Portability

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 14:04:16 CET 2005

> Today there are very many different
> contributors, and for many of
> them portability is not a concern.
I think most people don't break portability intentionally. They are
just not aware that they break it (this probably includes me).

> Here are a few things to be careful about when you contribute :
It's good to have such a list as a guideline. I think it would be even
better, if we had Lint rules for that.

> So please use #displayString rather than #asString when you need to
> display a String
> representation of an object.

When dealing with urls we do #printString  and #asString (implemented
in WAUrl). I guess this is a problem, right.

> If you do not
> known exactly if
> something is platform specific, just ask the mailing list.


WAInspector >> #evaluate: aString
	^self object class evaluatorClass new
		evaluate: aString
		in: nil
		to: self object.

Is this plattform specific?

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