[Seaside][VW] Portability

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 20 10:53:37 CET 2005

Philippe Marschall a écrit :

>>Today there are very many different
>>contributors, and for many of
>>them portability is not a concern.
>I think most people don't break portability intentionally. They are
>just not aware that they break it (this probably includes me).
I can understand this, and this precisely is why I raised the issue.

>>So please use #displayString rather than #asString when you need to
>>display a String
>>representation of an object.
>When dealing with urls we do #printString  and #asString (implemented
>in WAUrl). I guess this is a problem, right.
No problem if you send #asString to something that implements #asString. 
Since both the sending method
and the implementor will be ported to VW there will be no problem in the 
The problem is to assume that #asString is implemented by all objects, 
this will not be true in VW.

>>If you do not
>>known exactly if
>>something is platform specific, just ask the mailing list.
>WAInspector >> #evaluate: aString
>	^self object class evaluatorClass new
>		evaluate: aString
>		in: nil
>		to: self object.
>Is this plattform specific?
Yes, this is indeed platform specific. But no worry, I added 
#evaluate:in:to: to the VW compiler
in the Squeak compatibility package. I also added #instVar:Named:put: 
which is also lacking in VW.

Your question makes me guess that you are the author of the enhanced 
inspector. Let me congratulate
you for this nice contribution. It ports gracefully to VW, with just two 
new methods in the Squeak
compatibility package. Your enhancement is very cool and it was worth 
adding the two methods.


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