[Seaside][VW] Portability

Sean Malloy smalloy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 22:20:21 CET 2005

Just another note on cross-dialect compatibility:

PositionableStream #upToAll: behviour differs from platform to platform.

VW places the position of the stream before the first occurrance of
the collection you were looking for. Dolphin and Squeak both consume
the collection. I'm guessing this difference in behviour crops up
because #upTo: is an ANSI specced message, where as #upToAll: is not.

Another major issue is the use of the Smalltalk class (or global). Any
call to any Smalltalk global message should probably be moved into
SeasidePlatformSupport too.

That's just off the top of my head.

It's _hard_ to write cross-dialect code and keep it working -
Hopefully with the advent of Dolphin Community Edition, those with
access to Windows machines, can at least test code on Dolphin (If they
feel a great urge to help keep code working across dialects)



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