[Seaside] Coloring rows of a batched list accordingly an instvar value II

German Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Tue Nov 22 20:46:05 CET 2005

Cees De Groot wrote:
> On 11/11/05, German Arduino <gsa at softhome.net> wrote:
>>In the maintime I've tried using WATableReport and WAReportColmuns and
>>friends but no way with the color. Will investigate if can use the same
>>approach that you are telling me in this context.
> WATableReport 'knows' how to color rows based on the row number (so
> you get a 'zebra table'). I'd subclass WATableReport and modify the
> coloring routine to do whatever you like.

Finally I've taked this approach, subclassified WATableReport and made 
my own coloring routine.

Now, I've some doubts:

1) Why not all the name colors work, means not all are rendered ok used 
in the form:

html attributeAt: 'bgcolor' put: (self colorForRowNumber: index), or, to 
be simplest:

html attributeAt: 'bgcolor' put: 'red'.

Some name colors (as red, lightYellow, lightGray) work ok, but anothers, 
as paleRed, paleYellow, lightRed don't work.

2) To some of those colors that works ok, as lightGray by example, 
another problem that I've found is that are rendered different by 
FireFox (render ok) and Internet Explorer (lightGray is showed as strong 

Any comment will be appreciated.


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