[Seaside] Curious Javascript behavior

Mike Hales mike.hales at kscape.com
Thu Nov 24 03:52:34 CET 2005

I have a subclass of WAComponent that renders a form with #inputWithType:
and an #anchorWithScript:.  The script pops up a calendar that then
populates the text input with a date.  When I #call: this component
everything works correctly.  When I #render: it from another component the
anchor does not work.  If I reload the page, it works correctly.  This is
repeatable.  Does anyone know why this is happening?  The javascript that
runs the calendar is in the #script method of my component.

Also, the anchor has an image in it.  A few times the image fails to display
and the alt text is displayed.  Once I had ten or so of these components on
the page and 9 showed the image and 1 showed the alt text.  And even more
strangely, once instead of showing my image, it showed the wrench (spanner)
from the halo that opens the sytem browser.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  This is from the pre-built seaside
2.5image from


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