[Seaside] New errors, old errors in the dolphin's seaside

Esteban A. Maringolo eMaringolo at smalltalking.net
Fri Nov 25 13:47:51 CET 2005


I'm getting some errors, which are critical to proper functioning of 

In the t ransaction test if I click on the inform's, the go back 
with the navigator, and click again on the "OK" button, I get a 
"components not found while proccessing callbacks" error, instead of 
displaying a "This page has expired" error.
This happens in any callback that get executed from an HTML form, it 
is, #inform:, the Sushi Store example "Add" and "Done" cart ops, etc.

Another severe problem occurs with the tools, inspectors, and others 
component handled by an answer handler.
I.e. I toggle halos on, and then inspect a component, when I close 
the inspector I get a:
  "Cannot return a [component class goes here] to expired context or 
across Processes". Perhaps I should talk with the people of 
Object-Arts about the this.

If any is interested to test it on a Dolphin X6, I have a packaged 
version of the Seaside, with many issues not solved yet.

Dolphin X6 has been released last wednesday, but unfortunately the 
Community Edition (on which I'm doing the port) and the trial 
versions will be available on December (mid to end of month, I 
guess). So only people who bought a license (of the PRO edition) 
will be able to test it. However, I may ask Andy Bower for a few 
betas of the CE edition, just for this purpose.

If anybody is interested to test it, please contact me by my private 
email <emaringolo at gmail.com>



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