[Seaside] apache + seaside

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org
Fri Nov 25 20:30:16 CET 2005

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 08:36:15AM +0100, Cees De Groot wrote:
> On 11/25/05, Ross Boylan <RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org> wrote:
> > When I enter the first URL I see my application.  However, when I hit
> > a button on the form, my browser shows
> > http://www.betterworld.us:81/seaside/test and I get the error that the
> > URL is not found.
> You need to tell seaside about it, there's a base path configuration
> setting (Resource Base Url). ProxyPassReverse doesn't do any rewriting
> of returned HTML, just of URL's in the header (e.g. a Location: on a
> redirect).
I tried changing the Server Hostname in the applications configuration
screen.  Is there somewhere else I should be tweaking?

Perhaps part of the problem is that I want to remove path elements as
well as changing the hostname.

By the way, Zope has a thing called a Virtual Host Monster that is an
elegant solution to this problem.  You put something like this in
Apache's configuration:
RewriteRule ^/special/(.*)

Zope running on port 9674 interprets that to mean you want the object
myapp/$1, and the generated URLS should appear to be from

By the way, I think it would be more natural to have the myapp appear
after the VirtualHostRoot,
but I think there's some historical reason for the other pattern
(i.e., there was no /VirtualHostRoot in the first incarnations).

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