[Seaside] apache + seaside

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 08:42:45 CET 2005

On Nov 25, 2005, at 10:38 PM, Ross Boylan wrote:
> My current variation is (with some other tries commented out)
> <VirtualHost>
>     DocumentRoot /var/www/
>     ServerName www.betterworld.us
>     <Proxy *>
>     Order deny,allow
>     Allow from all
>     </Proxy>
> #    LogLevel debug
> #    ProxyHTMLLogVerbose On
> #    ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test
> #    ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:9090/seaside/test /upj
>     ProxyPass /upj/ http://localhost:9090/seaside/test/
>     ProxyHTMLURLMap http://localhost:9090/seaside/test /upj
>     <Location /upj/>
>        ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:9090/seaside/test/
>        SetOutputFilter proxy-html
>        ProxyHTMLURLMap /seaside/test/ /upj/
> #       RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding
>     </Location>
> #    ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test
> </VirtualHost>

Well, I've never seen ProxyHTMLURLMap before (looks useful, though).   
So ignoring that... usually it doesn't make sense to put the  
ProxyPass stuff inside <Location>, since it has an implicit location  
anyway.  And your ProxyPassReverse should have the /upj/ parameter  
too.  So I would simply do:

<VirtualHost *:81>
   ServerName www.betterworld.us
   ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test
   ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/seaside/test

... except that I wouldn't, I would do:

<VirtualHost *:81>
   ServerName www.betterworld.us
   ProxyPass /upj http://localhost:9090/upj
   ProxyPassReverse /upj http://localhost:9090/upj

And make sure that /upj got to the right place on the Seaside side as  
well.  For that, do:

WADispatcher default basePath: ''

(which requires a fairly recent 2.6a version of Seaside), and of  
course use "upj" instead of "test".
If you want absolute URLs (in the redirects, for example, which is  
technically required) you should also set the server name + port  
configuration options in your seaside app to www.betterworld.us and 81.


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