[Seaside] Problem with form submit half working

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at mac.com
Sun Nov 27 11:07:23 CET 2005

This is really odd.  I have a component with a little login form -  
email address and password with a submit button.   I registered a  
callback on the form.  If I type stuff into the fields and hit  
return, the form submits and the action is performed as I expect.  If  
I type stuff in and click on the submit button, the password field is  
cleared and my action isn't performed (I replace the component with a  
set of advanced options and a logout button - this doesn't happen  
when the submit button is used but does happen when I hit return).

I'm completely baffled and I'm sure this is something boneheaded on  
my part.

Generated html looks like this:

<form method="post">
     <input value="default" src="/seaside/blog?_s=AcXgiilMgjqAKEWV"  
name="21" class="image" width="1" height="1" type="image" />
     <div class="labeled-field">Email address:
      <input name="22" class="text" size="20" value="" type="text" />
     <div class="labeled-field">Password:
      <input name="23" class="password" size="20" type="password" />
     <div class="labeled-field">
      <input class="submit" type="submit" />
     <input name="_s" class="hidden" value="tpanIqWCsPxApuZH"  
type="hidden" />
     <input name="_k" class="hidden" value="XlPikqHZ" type="hidden" />

render code:

		(html form defaultAction: [self login]) with:
			self errorMessage isNil ifFalse:
				((html div class: 'labeled-field') id: 'login-error')
					with: [html text: self errorMessage].
			(html div class: 'labeled-field')
				with: [((html text: 'Email address: ')textInput size: 20)
					on:#email of: self].
			(html div class: 'labeled-field')
				with: [((html text: 'Password: ')passwordInput size: 20)
					callback:[:pw | password := pw]].
			(html div class: 'labeled-field')
				with: [html submitButton].
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