[Seaside] Seaside Page expired problem, probably related to liveCallback links

Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Mon Nov 28 17:58:15 CET 2005

Hi all.

I have very misterious problem.
Application is basically a File explorer, which can create/deleate folders
and upload images. (I would share code soon). The problem is that i have 
a page generated by seaside which represent correct folder information,
shows all images etc. But all links from that page and upload form do not work.
I see 'That page has expired' after clicked on ANY link. Seems it is related
to number of images in the folder, and therefore number of links on the page.

If I exceed about 21 files in the folder, links stop working resulting in 
'That page has expired'. Back button also shows the same error message.

I thought that it is something with backtracking, so I added
self registerObjectForBacktracking: self into initialize of the component,
still the same. The whole page is rendered by one component by the way, which is called
from another. (like file open dialog in windows).

While writting this.... I made a test.
In a folder with 21 file (each file is represented by a link as liveCallback + link to delete file),
so page has 42 + 12 links (including Seaside panel 'New Session etc) + 1 form  = 55 links

I deleted one file on disk, 
so I have 53 links on page. Still can not click anything - getting 'Expired' message.
Deleted another file on disk, 51 links and now I can click on links and everything works fine.

I created 4 subfolders each represented by 2 normal seaside links, still works fine.
Uploaded one image, resulted + 1 liveCallback + 1 link = and after that links stopped to work.

So the problems seems to be with 21 liveCallbacks links on the same page ?

Squeak 3.8 + Seaside2.50-avi.1

Should I upgrade Seaside or use some trick in my code ?

Thank you for help


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