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martin schubert martin.schubert at informatik.uni-ulm.de
Thu Oct 20 03:14:26 UTC 2005

i was developing java webapps the last 2 years and got pain in the  
ass from it. than via the ruby on rails hype and my enduring hope for  
squeak to become a real production language i found seaside and the  
continuation server approach a few weeks ago. first glimpses on them  
made my heart beat faster and its relevance in delivering a solution  
and answer to one big thing which drives the market since the last  
and next years - WEB-Applications (in every flavour) - could become a  
great chance to draw more people to it an maybe flush the whole  
squeak/smalltalk scene ;-)

everything looks pretty cool but there are two very big issues which  
prevents me from scripting as soon as possible and which i am now  
dreaming of ...

1. one shoot deployment technique for seaside (on remote linux/unix  
machines) : most internet servers are living far away from the admin  
and the developers and talk linux/unix all day long. i found the  
debian apt-get facillity to install squeak amazing. but i am missing  
a command with which i can fire expressions to the running image and  
administer the basic things like : port, admin, start/stop,  
deployment of new webApps of seaside via command line or make the  
whole squeakWorld displayable via a server process like x11.

2. a "built in" / or "packaged in"  easy to use object database or  
persistence facility, that i don`t have to care about all the  
database choosing and connection set-up to the web-framework.

these to issues are very elegantly solved by the "ruby on rails"  
webframework (easy deployment and persistence helpers built-in); and  
which makes it so popular at the moment. but for me seaside appears  
at least as good besides those points.

because i am new to seaside and not fluent on the squeakworld i would  
be very grateful for any help or hints on these topics.
good night (its 5 am here in germany at the moment)

ps.: sorry for typos but i am not so good on writing english.
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