[Seaside] i am dreaming of ...

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 06:48:30 UTC 2005

On Oct 19, 2005, at 8:14 PM, martin schubert wrote:
> 1. one shoot deployment technique for seaside (on remote linux/unix  
> machines) : most internet servers are living far away from the  
> admin and the developers and talk linux/unix all day long. i found  
> the debian apt-get facillity to install squeak amazing. but i am  
> missing a command with which i can fire expressions to the running  
> image and administer the basic things like : port, admin, start/ 
> stop, deployment of new webApps of seaside via command line or make  
> the whole squeakWorld displayable via a server process like x11.

What I do is to load the RemoteFrameBuffer package from SqueakMap,  
and set an RFB server going, then save the image.  Drop this image on  
your server and start it up.  You can then connect to this from any  
VNC client and load in your web apps, configure, etc, from the normal  
Squeak UI.

> 2. a "built in" / or "packaged in"  easy to use object database or  
> persistence facility, that i don`t have to care about all the  
> database choosing and connection set-up to the web-framework.

Yes, this is more of an issue.  There's no standard persistence  
(except for simply saving the Smalltalk image...).  And the options  
that are out there could be much easier to get started with.


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