[Seaside] Quick question

Avi Bryant avi.bryant at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 16:43:17 UTC 2005

On Oct 20, 2005, at 8:23 AM, Lukas Renggli wrote:

>> I am not sure. I for one would vote for it not being included. I  
>> removed
>> it due to problems it was causing IE (IE expects a fully qualified
>> url).
> We experienced the same problem.

Ok, good to know.  It was an experimental optimization in the amount  
of HTML produced - given that every href attribute on a given Seaside  
page is nearly identical, and often quite long, I was curious if I  
could specify the base URL once to remove some of the commonality.   
So does IE just not support that tag at all?

>> I also removed the onLoad body callback. It was conflicting with  
>> one of
>> my JavaScript libraries. Specifying a onLoad callback in the html  
>> body
>> tag I think goes against the modular nature of Seaside, it's much  
>> better
>> to specify your body callbacks in the script library
>> (document.body.onload = function).
> We experienced the same problem.

Well, it was exactly to improve modularity that I added it.  The body  
can only have one onLoad function, which makes it nearly impossible  
for any single component to do anything at load time - you'd never  
know if you were replacing something that's already there.  Hence,  
Seaside takes over onLoad for itself and then lets any component add  
to the onLoad() function it generates (at the end of the body  
response, so that the rendering pass can add to it).  This is  
especially useful for JS effects like the "yellow fade technique"  
popularized by 37signals.

So, while it may cause some short term breakage, I believe this is a  
better long term solution.


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