[Seaside] VM stability on UNIX

William E Harford seaside at harford.org
Tue Oct 25 00:58:46 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-24 at 17:08 +0400, Dmitry Dorofeev wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have 4 squeak VM running on the same UNIX (OpenBSD) server.
> All running separate and different Seaside apps in a test mode (yet).
> First trick is to start squeak in a 'safe' way. I.e. you must use
> squeak -nodisplay -nosound -memory 64m your.image
> If you dont limit memory usage, it may eat 100% of CPU and stop responding.
> Which is known UNIX VM bug as I get from the lists. Its related to memory usage
> over 1Gb.

This is super helpful. I was running into mysterious locking up of
Squeak. The image would just stop responding after a while and the only
thing that would fix it was restarting Squeak and sometimes having to
kill -9 it. 

Maybe this should be added to the Seaside FAQ?

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