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Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Wed Oct 26 16:13:26 UTC 2005

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> Hi Cees,
> We are using Magma for a commercial Seaside app. We have it 
> working with both a local and remote Magma server.
> We would like to encourage the use of Magma + Seaside.
> Could you suggest what format our experiences would be useful 
> ? HTML, Monticello, FAQ.

I was considering using magma myself, I'd love to see a small sample app
that utilized Seaside + Magma with Magma on a remote server.  Even some
simple write-up's of your experiences would be greatly helpful to many
I'm sure.  Having never used an OODB, my concerns personally are in the
area of disaster recovery, data safety, and object evolution, so
anything along those lines would be awesome.

> Cheers
> Brent
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