[Seaside] LiveUpdates and Request for Merging :-)

Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Mon Oct 31 05:42:20 UTC 2005


Thanks for keeping the SeasideAsync package going! I am finding the package very helpful.

I have loaded SeasideAsync-mb.2 and came across a weird scenario. 

I have a little log file viewer that basically updates the display every x seconds with the new log file contents. I use refreshDivWith:every: to achieve this. The file stream is basically written to the display like this:

renderStream: aStream on: html

	aStream reset.
	[ aStream atEnd ] whileFalse: [
		| aLine |
		aLine := aStream nextLine.
		html text: (aLine copyWithoutAll: {Character cr. Character lf}); break

In Mozilla my output looks like it always did:

Log file line 1
Log file line 2
Log file line 3
Log file line 4
Log file line 5

In IE and Opera I now have an empty line after every line:

Log file line 1

Log file line 2

Log file line 3

Log file line 4

Log file line 5

This can become a little bit anoying. I have a feeling this behaviour has something to do with the change in the new version that replaces every " " with " ", but I am not sure.

Any ideas on getting IE and Opera not to put a new line after every line?

Thank you,


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Lukas Renggli a écrit :

>>Well, I'm unlikely to release any new versions of SeasideAsync myself
>>- my focus has moved to the Scriptaculous package.  So I suggest you
>>just run with it, though it would be good to coordinate with the
>>others (esp. Michel) that are working in that area.
>Okay, I published my fixes as proposed to SeasideAsync-lr.2. I will
>check out Scriptaculous again, probably this is a better way to go ...
And I published SeasideAsync-mb.3.
This gives life to checkboxes, handles <script> from live callbacks, 
handles nested live callbacks
and provides support for updating an arbitrary number of areas of the 
html document.


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