[Seaside] LiveUpdates and Request for Merging :-)

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 31 08:23:33 UTC 2005

>This can become a little bit anoying. I have a feeling this behaviour has something to do with the change in the new version that replaces every " " with " ", but I am not sure.
>Any ideas on getting IE and Opera not to put a new line after every line?
This sounds like a wrong behavior in the browser where the sequence of 
tags <br></br> is treated as two consecutive <br> tags.

I added a circumvention for it and published it as SeasideAsync-mb.3.

While at it I did some refactorings and added two methods
That should allow you to code something like this
        divNamed: 'sys-log'
        with: [html renderLogOn: html]
           [ :text :h |
            h renderLogOn: html]
        every: x seconds.
where the div has also some contents during normal rendering.


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