[Seaside] (newbee) Resizing items + a bit more.

Marcus Pedersén marcus.pedersen at comhem.se
Mon Oct 31 20:47:29 UTC 2005

I am new to Seaside and has quite resently started of with a web-app.
I have made a page with a textArea but I want the textArea to be larger.
I have looked trough some code parts and found out that in WAHtmlRenderer the message (textAreaWithValue: callback:) specifies the size of the item. If I change that message, my textArea do change, but I just asume that then ALL textAreas changes in size. Right?
So how do I just change my textArea in size?
Second question: When I made my class ready the way I want it to show and interact, I have to log in at seaside/config and add my entry point to be able to see my page (a have also figured out about canBeRoot).
How can I make this by code? 
Third question: Is is possible to maka a class and make instances that becomes different pages? I am supposed to read in from a file what the header is supposed to be called aso.  
Many thanks in advance!
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