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Mart-Mari Breedt breedt_m at aircom.co.za
Tue Oct 11 04:56:18 UTC 2005


Thank you so much for your reply, Lukas. I had a look at your slides.
They were indeed very helpful. Since I have alot of other code still
using the WAHtmlRenderer, I used the
#anchorWithAction:text:submitFormNamed: selector (described on page 9 of
your slides) available on WAHtmlRender and it worked beautifully. I
can't believe that I have not notice this selector before. It was
probably staring me right in this face all this time.

I will definitly try using the WARenderCanvas more in future. It seems
that it supports a lot of the new XHTML things that I want to use and
sometimes stuggle to do using WAHtmlRenderer.

Thank you,

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You are using the old rendering framework WAHtmlRenderer, implement a
method called #rendererClass returning WARenderCanvas in your
component and the following code should work:

> html anchor
>    callback: [ self saveCurrentComponents ];
>    submitFormNamed: 'cmpFrm';
>    text: 'Save Displayed Components'

For some documentation see slide 7 and following of 'Customization'
at: http://www.lukas-renggli.ch/seaside/advanced/

Lukas Renggli
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